Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color Club Total Mystery

Total Mystery is from the Color Club spring Alter Ego collection - the Keep It Undercover half! I picked four shades from this half of the collection. I have not picked up any of the other half of the collection, but if you're looking for good neutral shades with excellent formulas, Color Club always wows me. They make some of the best neutral creme formulas I've used.
Anyway! Total Mystery is stunning. It's a bright, royal blue base with blue, pink and purple shimmer. Naturally this doesn't want to photograph right, you probably already figured that out just from the description! It's more vivid and purple-toned in real life, and the pink sparkles show up a bit more, although I was able to marginally capture those in the macro shot.
I used two coats for this, the formula was fabulous.

Now, when I had Focus On Blue week, I had swatched Orly's Lunar Eclipse. Loodie mentioned that she thought it looked quite a bit like Total Mystery - so I have a side by side bottle shot for her! The base blue is very similar. I don't think Total Mystery is a true duochrome, though - but Lunar Eclipse is a multichrome, as you can see from the bottle, it flashes blue, purple and pink - sometimes all at once! They are both startlingly beautiful shades.

I'm a huge fan of Color Club and I've started picking up the shades I feel like are essential for my collection. They're highly underrated outside of the blogging world, rarely when I'm wearing one and people ask me what brand it is do they know what I'm talking about! Do you have any Color Club favorites?


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