Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comparison: China Glaze Midtown Magic and Color Club With Abandon

I found a near dupe for Midtown Magic, so I thought I'd show you guys a quick comparison. These two are not dead on dupes, but they're sisters, very close. Color Club With Abandon came out with the fall 2009 collection Wild At Heart.
Now, I have to apologize here - I was trying an experiment with a new quick dry top coat, so the fingernails that With Abandon are on have weird wrinkling. You can still see the similarities and differences, thankfully.
My index and pinkie are With Abandon, and my middle and ring are Midtown Magic. Two coats for each polish - they have similar formulas as well.
The main difference is the base - With Abandon is a black jelly base, and Midtown Magic is a deep reddish purple (wine) base. Also I don't think I can spy any red shimmer in With Abandon. It's mostly copper and gold.

In this shot the color difference in the base is obvious, I think. Both of these are beauties! Hope you found this helpful.

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