Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etailer Reviews: Victoria Nail Supply

This is a new series, after asking for some feedback and finding out people were interested, I thought I would go ahead and post reviews of online retailers I have tried.
First up is Victoria Nail Supply. I think this was the first etailer I ever purchased from, actually! I have made many purchases from them, and they are easily contacted both by email and phone. I actually placed a phone order a couple of years ago, so I can say that it went very smoothly!
Alright, so I placed my online order (after MUCH plotting) with VNS late on August 22nd. By late, I mean around 11PM. I received my order confirmation immediately. Mind you, this was a pretty large order! On August 24th, I had communication from VNS via email about a polish that wasn't in stock from my order. They offered to let me either pick another polish, or do a refund for that amount. I chose to pick another polish. The very same day I received my shipping notification. Two days later, I had my package! Shipping was very reasonable, and they offer multiple shipping options.
Let's show off the packing job, which is very impressive! There is a packing slip in a waterproof cover on the top of my box and a very clear packing slip inside.

Okay, so hopefully you can see that my goodies were securely and very tightly packed! I love it when they use the little shipping boxes for nail polish. I had not quite enough polishes to fit into another box, so the three extra polishes were bubble wrapped very well and put on the side. Everything was cushioned with brown paper, and brown paper on top.
I'm editing this to add a bit more information:
I bought a pretty large amount of polish with this order - I think over 30 polishes! - and my shipping came to just under $14.00. I chose the cheapest shipping option, but there were several other options as well. As I mentioned, my package arrived pretty quickly, within two days - so I was pleased with my choice. I felt like for the amount of nail polish I bought, the shipping was very reasonable. I've seen other etailers with much higher shipping rates for a significantly lower amount of nail polish.
Price range is less than what you'll pay at a retail location - China Glaze can be purchased for $2.75, unless there's a specialty collection, which may cost a bit more. Color Clubs are $3.00. I bought a couple of the retired OPI colors which vary greatly in range, but mine were $6.95 - I bought the three from Holiday On Broadway, so I considered that a steal!
Now, the only thing I feel that I should mention, because I have a lot of overseas friends, is that Victoria Nail Supply does not ship overseas. I do not know the reason behind this - maybe they haven't found a cheap enough method to make things feasible, through legal channels? I would suspect this is the case.
Overall, I can give Victoria Nail Supply an absolutely glowing recommendation. I've never had a single problem with customer service or promptness, or packaging - my many experiences with them have left me completely satisfied.
I hope you guys find this helpful! Let me know what you think - would you like to see more etailer reviews, as I place orders?

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