Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Focus On Blue: Essie Smooth Sailing

Okay, I'm sure everyone has seen this beauty seven ways from Sunday. Back up, I have to ask an irrelevant question - just where did that expression come from? I'm dying to know! Anyway, back on topic. Essie Smooth Sailing is a must have nail polish, in my opinion. If you remotely like blue you need this polish. Smooth Sailing is a medium, dusty blue with pink and blue shimmer. In low light, the shimmer looks purely silver, but out in the sunlight, it's stunning! This goes on like butter, the formula for this is absolutely divine. Two coats here - this is the jelly creme formula I've been seeing a lot from Essie and loving.

Hopefully you can see the blue and pink sparkle a bit in that macro. Hello, gorgeous!


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