Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Focus On Blue: Hard Candy Sky

Hard Candy Sky is a sister to the much loved Chanel Riva - it's not a dupe, but it's darned close! Have a look at Kelly of Vampy Varnish's comparison post. I picked this up ages ago and have never done a swatch of it for the blog, but I did try it out. I've worn this probably three times and I have a hard time getting it even and not patchy! This time, I did three thin coats. It's probably my best application yet!
Sky is a pale baby blue creme with a subtle darker blue shimmer running through it. As a matter of fact, it's so subtle, you cannot see it in my photos. You can see a tiny bit of it in the bottle, but not on my nails.
Application is tough, but this color is gorgeous. I've always had a soft spot for baby blues, so this one will stay in my stash and I'll just be patient with it.
Plus, it makes a great layering base! I recently picked up a couple of Kleancolors (not the much touted "holos"!) and I decided to try out Sparkle Emerald over this. WIN. This is so completely gorgeous and glowing. I tried my best to capture how much Sparkle Emerald glows in photos, my best shots were a tad blurry.

Yeah, it's probably best to click on those last two photos to get a true look at how pretty Sparkle Emerald is! Not aptly named, though. This is not reminiscent of emerald in any shape or form.

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  1. I've seen this at Wal Mart and have always wante to pick it up but could never bring myself to because i wasn't so sure about it. I'm with you on loving pale blues but I'm not a patient person either! Still, very pretty!


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