Thursday, August 18, 2011

Focus On Blue: Orly Lunar Eclipse

I do believe this is my last blue for the Focus On Blue series. Also, it was the most difficult to photograph - I couldn't seem to capture the duochrome effect at all! I took almost 200 photos of this, and I did two different sessions. My second session was much more successful, but I do ask that you click to enlarge these photos to truly see the purple/pink flash.
Okay. So Lunar Eclipse is a searing bright royal blue, when you look at it dead on. The Cosmic FX collection is jam packed with very rich shimmer, and Lunar Eclipse is no exception.
Ahh, this is a bit pic heavy. I couldn't help myself - the last shot I decided to show you guys because the bottle shot is AMAZING. *swoon*

Ahhh, isn't this gorgeous? Now, if you don't have any of the Cosmic FX, you should stalk your local Sally's Beauty Supply. I've been seeing these pop up in the clearance display!
I loved Focus On Blue week. Thank you all for participating with me, and I'll have the next Focus On vote up tonight! I hope you enjoyed this month's color choices.

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  1. An awesome blue to end with. Now I have to break my promise to myself not to buy another blue!


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