Sunday, August 7, 2011

H&M Bella's Choice

Okay, so if you missed Friday night's post, then you won't know that I recently won a giveaway from the always lovely and amazing Solveig. I mean seriously. Go have a look at Nailin' It, if you've never been there. *swoon*
I received a number of goodies in my package, and this is the second one I have to show you - H&M Bella's Choice. I've heard of this one before and swooned over it. Now, it's mine. (Okay, I totally did a cheesy tone of voice in my head when I wrote that line!)
Bella's Choice (no literary commentary or ranting from me on the name, I'll keep that separate) is a beautiful cool turquoise creme. I used two coats here. You may see my middle finger looks...messed, and I don't even know why.

Ahh, and you see? It's super shiny! I love this shade. It's a stunner.


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