Thursday, August 25, 2011

Island Girl Oahu Paradise and Island Volcano

I've had a couple of great packages over the last few days! So, let me show you the first one, which is from Jen of The PolishAholic. When she went to Las Vegas for Cosmoprof she offered to pick me up some of the Island Girl polishes - and she sent me six beauties!

Okay, so from left to right are: Mahalo Dream, Island Volcano, Oahu Paradise, Hawaiian Volcano, Island Treat, and Island Sunset. Mahalo Dream and Island Volcano are very much like OPI I Lily Love You and Color Club Covered in Diamonds, in that they have those odd shaped mylar opalescent flakies! These two both have glitter as well. Oahu Paradise is an emerald green jelly, Hawaiian Volcano is a duochrome shimmer (!), Island Treat looks like a raspberry pink foil, and Island Sunset is a deep grape purple with holographic glitter! Great choices for me, all of them! Thanks so much Jen!
So the first thing I did of course, was open up that Oahu Paradise and slap it on. I thought it might be a creme but *swoon* jelly! Naturally, it's sheer, being a jelly. It's very close in shade to my beloved New York Summer Amaranth. I thought I'd recreate the jelly sandwich - with flakies! It worked wonderfully and I got an ABSOLUTE TON of comments on this. As a matter of fact, I took a bunch of ladies to the Britney Spears concert last night and they were all raving about it - they were trying to guess which brand, OPI, Essie, China Glaze - and of course, it was none of those, so I explained about Island Girl polishes, and they thought that was really neat. I really should get some business cards for Nightly Nails, as many questions as I get about my nails. Anyway, so what you see below is one thin coat of Oahu Paradise, one coat of Island Volcano, and another thin coat of Oahu Paradise. Awesome! I want to play some more with both of these flakie glitters. Island Paradise covered very well in one coat, by the way - but it is sheer on its own.

I'm excited to play with the rest of these! So pretty. I also got a package yesterday from Zara of Never Unpolished. I won her Zoya Smoke and Mirrors giveaway! I was super excited, because it's such a pretty set.

Umm, ignore my weird thumbnail color. It was a layering experiment gone horribly wrong! Thank you so much Zara, I can't wait to play with these. I can't even decide which one to put on first!
Okay, if you're burning with curiousity, I picked up OPI Greece Just Blue Me Away. It's an older polish, very thin and watery on its own - with what seems to be a slight duochrome. I've been trying to figure out what best to layer it over and I still haven't come up with anything! I then slapped one of the Island Girl flakies on top of that mess, and that's what you see.
Wow, this post is extra wordy. Bravo, if you made it through all of that! Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. So pretty! I have the two flakies and love them.


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