Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Sinful Colors Display: Go Plaid

Okay, so this popped up at my Walgreen's this weekend:

Four stripers and four polishes: Amethyst, Courtney Orange, Envy and Ruby Ruby - in order from left to right in my photo. The only one I've never seen before is Amethyst, which is a mid-toned purple - can anyone confirm if it's new or is it a repromote? It's definitely not in the Sinful Colors core display.
Envy, the green that I fell in love with from the Beverly Hills display, has made a reappearance here, so if you didn't snag it before, you will hopefully be able to pick it up again.
However, I want to tell y'all something weird: there are probably four Walgreen's in my area. In one of them, this display had all of the green polishes labeled as Ciao, Bella! - which is, of course, the name of a sparkly deep blue Sinful Colors polish. I was quite confused by that!


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