Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revlon Grape Fizz

Late much on posting this? Yeahhhh. This is the last of the scented jellies I picked up from Revlon's summer collection, and it too has small flakies. Grape Fizz smells like grape kool-aid! Straight up candy. It's not ridiculously obnoxious, but if you're sensitive to smell you might not like this. It's a red leaning purple jelly, and the flakies flash blue - that's why it looks like a blue reflection on my nails! Very thin, this is four coats. I slapped some China Glaze Matte Magic on it and it looks great like that too.

Thankfully the layers of this dry quickly, or I don't think I could tolerate how thin this was. But it's so darned pretty.


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