Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spam for Dinner

I've got some unshared stuff that I have laying around in my image folders, from...before. So after a brief query on twitter to see if anyone would be interested, which resulted in a resounding yes, I started pulling out photos.
Now, I have NO clue how many coats any of these were. So I can't help you on this. These were from maybe last summer and fall?

BB Couture for Men, Adam.

BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl

LA Girl Rock Star Paparazzi

NYC Love Letters over...UD Brick House? I'm pretty sure it's over Brick House.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. *swoon* And look how short and rounded my nails were!

BB Couture Punk Rock Pink.

Urban Decay Id. *deep sigh*

I think that's all for now, I probably have more buried in image folders.


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