Saturday, August 13, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends: ANDREA!

Well, this week's featured woman is a very good friend of mine, Andrea of Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss! I've known Andrea...well it seems like I've known her forever. In case you don't know, in addition to running a nail polish and makeup blog, Andrea is the owner of Evil Shades, an indie makeup company. She's one busy woman! She's got a heart of gold, and she's a true blue friend. I can tell you from personal experience, when I've been my most down, she's been there and never judged me. That in itself is an amazing quality, so I think she knows how much I treasure her.

1. How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for 4 years but I've had BNP&LG for just over 2 years

2. What inspired you to start blogging? How did you come up with the name of your blog?
A friend from the boards at MUA talked me into starting a blog to share my nail art, makeup and other weirdness.
The name came from my 2 favorite beauty products at the time. lol

3. What is your favorite color? Is it your favorite polish color, as well?
I don't actually have a favorite color I have a top 5 lol, Teal, Pink, purple, red and black. Yes those are also my favorite nail polish colors. :o)

4. Is there a polish color you won't wear?
Brown....I call it diaper brown. Not a good color for me and it kind of grosses me out.

5. Do a lot of people offline notice your polish/nail art? What kinds of comments do you get?
When I let my nails grow long (The claws) I do get a lot of people noticing my polish or nail art but since I've been wearing them a more normal length people only notice if I'm wearing very loud nail art or a bright shade.  Even with my nails short the main comment I get is "are those real?" to which I usually adjust my bra and say yes, yes they are.
I have been recognised by readers in real life a couple of times by my nails.

6. What are some of your favorite blogs? (Doesn't necessarily have to be polish related!)
I follow some great bloggers so I'll just give a quick few:
I am Nymphette, Alizarine claws, Phyrra, LeGothique, Turtle Beauty, Makeup Zombie, Vulcan Butterfly, Lacquerized, TheArtisMakeup, You and about a bazillion more fabulous blogs.

7. What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of polish and blogging?
I am a music fiend so tracking down bands that I've never heard of is something Chris & I do a lot of, I also upcycle jewelry from boring to my own funky style, I sword fight and have been trying to find time to get back in the swing of it, I shower sing (my kids hate it, hubby thinks it's funny), I collect coffins (not the life size ones yet), I stalk artists for inspiration and I have started taking cosmetic chemistry courses but I think my main hobby is trying to cram more time into each day. :o)

8. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Any tidbits you'd like to share!
Well anyone who reads my blog or follows me on twitter likely knows more about me than they should. For those who don't: I'm weird and proud of it, I make pretty stuff for a living, I'm married to a Hot Guy, I have evil children, I'm much older than I act and I firmly believe that one day Boobies WILL take over the world!

9. What is the one beauty item you cannot live without - you won't go out of the house without using or wearing it?
 Lipgloss, seriously I would go naked as long as I have my gloss, I'm good.

10. What is the craziest/most interesting thing you've ever done?
That is classified information and top nonexistent government agencies will not allow me to publicly divulge that information.
So you will all have to DM me so I can blab it privately! XD
Seriously, I'm not that interesting, just a weird chick with a big mouth and no fear.

Okay, so Andrea wasn't feeling great when I sent her my questions, so she had her hubby pick out her photos. I think he did a great job - I'm going to show you both of the manicures he picked out!
This first is Color Club Get Your Lem-On - it's neon with skull stickers, how cute is that?

This next was last year's Halloween manicure, she actually filed her "claws" to a point - dead sexy, I would SO do this for Halloween if I had nails like hers! The polish is a jelly red called Risque Rebu.

I could never get my nails to that length and keep them. I'm always in awe! Now, I'll be honest here, because I've known Andrea for a good length of time - I stumbled across Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss when she was first getting started! - I knew most of these answers already. Andrea's pretty much an open book, and she's very approachable so if you've ever wanted to ask her something, hit her up on Twitter! I sound like a commercial, haha. But you know what I mean - I remember when I first started, I was nervous about talking to people, and I really shouldn't have been. I have a bit of a girl crush on Andrea!


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