Saturday, August 27, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends: GIANNA!

I don't think there's many of you who don't know who Gianna is - she runs the absolutely amazing blog Nouveau Cheap. It's literally the go-to on affordable beauty! I remember stumbling across Nouveau Cheap and being instantly attracted to G.'s writing style. I later found out that she's almost exactly a year older than me - my fellow Sagittarius sister, and we have SO much in common! As soon as I asked her if she would like to be included in my series, she replied with a very enthusiastic yes, and I'm very gratified to say that she is my friend. I love her positive outlook and her overall enthusiasm about everything. She's got that happy go lucky Sagittarius trait in spades, I tell you. We even like many of the same TV shows, in addition to beauty products! We both were huge Lost fans, and eagerly discussed many episodes together, including the very controversial finale.
Gianna sent me this montage - a favorite photo of herself, and TWO favorite manicures! The first manicure is her Borghese syrup mani, and the second one is her Retro 80's Half Moon Mani. I LOVE the color combination she used for that, so very eighties!

1. How long have you been blogging?

About 2-1/2 years.

2. What inspired you to start blogging? How did you come up with the name of your blog?

A group of female colleagues at a previous job used to refer to me as their "beauty guru" because they'd come to me with beauty-related questions or problems. One of them urged me to start a blog so I could share my info with others, so I eventually took the plunge!  "Nouveau Cheap" came about because I wanted a blog title that conveyed that it's possible to be cheap yet still be stylish. It's a play on the term "Nouveau Chic", of course.

3. What is your favorite color? Is it your favorite polish color, as well?
Great question! My favorite color is very, very pale pink. That is definitely not my favorite polish color though.

4. Is there a polish color you won't wear?
I won't wear muddy rust-browns because I just think that's an awful color for nails in general (sorry to any muddy rust-brown lovers out there!).  

5. Do a lot of people offline notice your makeup or nail polish? What kinds of comments do you get?
Another great question! As for makeup, that rarely gets noticed because, for daytime, I'm very subtle with my makeup (I'm of the less-is-more approach). As for nails, when I go all out (patchwork manis, lots of glitter, etc.) they definitely get noticed--especially by cashiers in stores.

6. What are some of your favorite blogs? (Doesn't necessarily have to be polish/makeup related!)
I love all of the blogs in my blog roll, for starters. For non-beauty blogs, here are just a few: I love humorous grammar-oriented blogs like Apostrophe Abuse and the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, I love craft blogs like Dollar Store Crafts. I also love food blogs like Veggie Belly and Candy Blog and I'm totally obsessed with Anna the Red. She creates the most amazing bento boxes EVER--check out her gallery here. She does things with food that will blow your mind.

7. What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of makeup/polish and blogging?
I'm an avid reader (I just finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, which was amazing), I'm ridiculous addicted to reality tv (I've never missed a season of Big Brother, which I can't believe I'm bragging about), and I LOVE anything crafty/DIY. Sagittarians are notorious for starting projects and then growing tired of them quickly, so I have an endless array of dead craft projects in my spare room: knitting, card making, jewelry-making, cross-stitch, you name it, I've probably tried it.

8. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Any tidbits you'd like to share!
I studied tap dance for 18 years. I could listen to Foreigner's Waiting for a Girl Like You over and over again all day. I hit snooze on my alarm at least five times before I officially wake up. I'm left-handed, which means I ROCK at using drive-thru ATM machines. I am in and out of there so fast it would make your head spin.

9. What is the one beauty item you cannot live without - you won't go out of the house without using or wearing it?
Without hesitation, my Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF50. That bad boy has saved me from many a rough situation!

10. What is the craziest/most interesting thing you've ever done?
The craziest thing I've *ever* done? WOW. Thanks for making me reevaluate my entire life, Nicole. Ha! But seriously, I'd never share with the world THE craziest things I've ever done, but I do have a funny one I can share. But keep in mind, this was crazy for the time: in junior high (in the early 80s) I was the first person in the school to have an asymmetrical bob haircut (you know, where it's longer on one side than the other?). So for MONTHS, all the guys in my school would walk down the halls and look at me and tilt their heads to the side as a way of making fun of me, which was completely devastating. But sure enough, about a year later, every single girl in the school had that same haircut. And this, my friends, was the beginning and the end of my trendsetting abilities.

Extra tidbit:

Since I know this will probably be read mostly by nail bloggers and those who love nail bloggers, I really want to take a moment to THANK the nail blogging community for being so incredibly kind to me. Even though I'm a nail polish novice (heck, I didn't even know jellies could contain glitter until Niki schooled me!), I have a sincere love of nail polish and I am incredibly honored to have such wonderful friends in the nail community. Many of my favorite bloggers are nail bloggers and you all are such an amazing group of people--so ridiculously talented, generous and thoughtful--it's an honor to be friends with you.

I told all of the ladies when I sent their interview questions that they could feel free to elaborate with long answers and any extra tidbits they might like me to include along with their answers - so thanks G. for adding this! Gianna is one of two ladies I've interviewed so far that run a blog that includes makeup reviews as well as nail polish reviews, so I was interested in her answers and thoughts, makeup blogging is definitely a different experience than blogging solely about polish. So many times, I wish we all lived closer together so we could see each other.


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