Thursday, September 8, 2011

China Glaze Trendsetter

China Glaze Trendsetter is the uglyawesome color to end all uglyawesome colors. Seriously, this is ugly. And so awesome! This will probably not appeal to a wide audience, but it's perfect. Last year, I was hoping Classic Camel was more like this. Classic Camel only worked on a few people, but if you're remotely interested in this shade, I think it will work with a much wider range of skin tones.
So, Trendsetter. This is a yellow with a lot of green. As a matter of fact, this pulls much more green on me than yellow. Very olive toned! It is chock full of gold shimmer, so that's just an added bonus in my opinion. Swampy. When I think of swampy, this definitely fits the nail polish bill! Formula was perfect, I only needed two coats and could almost have gotten away with one.

Oh ye Gods, I love that. It's so cool! So, time to weigh in. Would you wear this? Do you hate it? Do you love uglyawesome as much as I do?

1 comment:

  1. Just added this to my male polish list. Can't wait to try it ous. Love "ugly" colors


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