Friday, September 16, 2011

Focus On Duochrome: Color Club Wild And Willing

Oh, Color Club, you slayed me with the Wild At Heart collection. From fall of 2009, this is still one of my favorite fall collections ever.
Wild And Willing is ... amazeballs. Seriously, if you don't have this and you love duo/multichromes, you need this. Get it. Stat. It's a shimmer and it flashes gold, pink, orange and sometimes green. Seriously, it screams fall and you will be mesmerized by what you see on your fingers. I think I took almost a hundred photos of this and captured the gold and orange really well, you can see a bit of the pink flash in there as well - but that green just hid from the camera. Again, like a broken record, click to enlarge these.
This is a bit thin - I used three coats here and you can see a bit of VNL in my photos, but it was a lot less visible off camera.

AIIIEEEE look at the bottle in the middle photo! Isn't that cool? Mmm, this is too lovely.


  1. I love this colour!!! I own it and it reminds me of Nubar stardust but WAW has that lovely shimmer:) glad you featured this one :)

  2. I'm in love it's so beautiful! looks just like an autumn leaf only a shimmery rainbow one, I'm for sure going to try and purchase this one.


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