Thursday, September 15, 2011

Focus On Duochrome: Nubar Purple Beach

Nubar has a small pile of duochromes that are worthy of being featured here during Focus On Duochrome, but I had to pick just one, so Purple Beach it is! I sadly don't have Peacock Feathers. I would love to get my nails on that one - it's a stunner!
First of all, apologies for my ring finger. I bumped it going out the door trying to nab photos, and since this was the second round of photos I tried to get of Purple Beach, I decided to try to fix it with a little wet polish. You can see it didn't do a lot of good.
This beauty just didn't want to show up for me. The shimmer flashes purple, grey and green - I swear it! The photos look a bit better enlarged, if you want to have a click. Two coats on all except that *beeeeeep* ring finger.

Ahh. I have several more of these beauties to show off, but that's a great start, no? Please, Nubar, bring back Peacock Feathers. I need it.

1 comment:

  1. I wore nubar moonshadow today, great minds eh? this color is a very lovely duo chrome, I too wish they would bring back peacock feathers it's so amazing!


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