Monday, September 19, 2011

Focus On Duochrome: Orly Space Cadet

I'm going to do something I rarely do here at Nightly Nails, and I'm going to use a cut. I have an amazing amount of photos of Orly Space Cadet, because I found it almost impossible to narrow down this beauty. My love for this has not diminished in the year since it's been released - it's a sexy beast. I think this may be the most multichrome polish I own. Let's see, green, gold, orange, purple, wine - massive color changing shimmer packed into a navy blue jelly base. Yum. If you don't have this and you are remotely in love with duochromes, you better order it.
I'm not going to blather much more about this, I will let the photos speak for themselves. I used three coats here to achieve this opacity, and these photos were taken in various lighting situations, all outdoors and without flash.

Click to see the rest of the madness!

That last bottle shot, jeez. I know this was the favorite of the Cosmic FX collection, although overall it's truly a stunning collection, I see why Space Cadet was the crowd favorite. So, thoughts? Is this a must have or what?
Now, normally I would put up a poll at this point, but for October, I'm doing a special Focus On, so we'll skip the vote until then, okay? I'm going to try to wrap up as many fall polishes as I can before October, so I can get going on the Halloween fun stuff.

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  1. Promise not to throw rocks at me... I have this polish... And it is still untried!!! (braces self)... I have to give it a whirl now after seeing your swatches! :)


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