Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was working in the lab, late one night...nah, just kidding. Getting into the spirit of the season early. I was up super late one night, browsing through my dashboard and I came across this awesomesauce post by Marisa. I thought, I don't have all of those but I have similar stuff, surely I can pull this off! Seven layers later, I had something different, but I still love it.
Okay, I used Taunting Teal by Sonia Kashuk as my base. I know I've got a deep navy somewhere but I couldn't think of one, so I picked this off of my desk and thought it might be similar enough to achieve the results.
My layering went like this: Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Island Girl Mahalo Dream, Nubar 2010, NYX Girls Aqua Glitter, Pure Ice Busted, and Sinful Colors All About You. Whew. The flakie/glitter iridescence going on here is amazing - it flashes so many colors and it just glows. Mermaid scales! You'd think seven layers would dry slowly, right? Nah, it went pretty quickly since I used thin layers. I was pretty shocked myself. I think the next time I try this I'll be more careful in my placement, and maybe go for more of a gradient effect.
On to the photos. I think this looks a lot better in person, in my opinion, but hopefully you'll get the idea!

Really, it doesn't feel as thick as it looks here, especially my pinkie finger. Also, this is surprisingly smooth - the mylar opalescent flakies in Mahalo Dream can be sticky, but smooth out well with one layer of top coat.
I wish I could capture how much more magical this looks. If you decide to try this, please let me know, I'd like to see!


  1. I've already said this a bunch of times but I'll say it again: this looks awesome on you! I wish I could see it in person but I can imagine how amazing all of the colours would be in the sun!

    I'm so glad you liked the post, it means a lot to me!! <3

  2. I freakin' love this! I'm gonna try it asap and see if I can get the same glittery/flakie awesomeness that you did. So pretty!


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