Friday, September 30, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Okay, before I get into this monster post, I want to apologize - I've been super busy this week, and haven't been feeling my best, either. I'm behind on visiting everyone's blogs, and replying to comments here on Nightly Nails. I don't like to let things get too far behind - I even didn't have a post set for last night.
Anyway, let's get to this amazing polish.
Orly Fowl Play is the hugely popular polish dupe for the much sought after LE OPI Merry Midnight. The differences are minute, really. There have been many comparisons done, and I don't have Merry Midnight anymore to show you guys, so we'll skip that.
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I was on the hunt for this and hugely unsuccessful! Last week I got a surprise package from none other than Jen of The PolishAholic - lo and behold, there was my preciousssss. Jen, you are always hooking me up! Thanks sweet girl.
So, this is an amazing polish. Dark purple jelly jam packed with flakies, glitter, and magic. Seriously, so much going on here. It's pretty opaque on its own - you'll see that the very tips of my nails are light in these swatches, indicative of a jelly polish - but I used three thin coats to get this level of opacity. I probably could have gone with two thicker and been done.
I was curious how this would layer, so I tried a couple of different things - the first one you'll see is my thumbnail, with no cleanup. *gulp* I know everyone hates that. Anyway, it was a quick last minute experiment - I tried layering Fowl Play over Milani Rad Purple. The effect is a lighter slightly more red base. Pretty cool!
Next, Jana and Alli suggested I try layering it over a red - I used Sinful Colors GoGo Girl, which is a bright red jelly. I need to be more careful with this, as Fowl Play can go on pretty heavily, so I tried to do a thin layer, and it wasn't even enough. However, LOVE this combo.
So, a whole pile of pictures with this. You also get a bottle shot and a macro! Last photo is the layering with GoGo Girl.

Well. This has got me slightly curious how Fowl Play would look over, say, Revlon Royal. Of course, it looks fantastic on its own! So, have you managed to hunt down this beauty?

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  1. Haven't found it yet, but I will surely be on the lookout for it! thanks Nicole... hope you are feeling better & that your weekend is quiet so you can catch up. =)


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