Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts from a lowly, non professional blogger.

By now, you might have read some blog posts about a recent article in Nails Mag.
If not, here is the link to the original article.
Here is the link to the "apology".
I'd also like to add a couple of links: Mary, of Body And Soul Beauty, who is so very eloquent, writes her response here. Jessika of Polish Insomniac writes about her outrage here. Judy, who is a journalist, makes some wonderful points in her article as well.
I'm disturbed at this point on so many levels.
Let me back up a minute. Let's step in the Wayback Machine, shall we?
I started blogging about nail polish on Magic Maid well over two years ago. I did it because I discovered I had a passion for nail polish and color - and so did my readers. We had a lot of fun over these years learning about finishes, treatments, fast dry top coats and EACH OTHER. I met other bloggers who were just as passionate about nail polish that I was. Somehow, we all formed a big community, the other nail polish bloggers and our readers. We share a common interest, right? And I have never claimed to be a professional. Some of my fellow bloggers are licensed nail techs. I am not. We're a mixed group of people from all walks of life.
So, this established, let's talk about this article and the so-called apology. I'll not be as eloquent as Mary, but I may be as passionate as Jess is.
First of all, I do get the point of the article. She's trying to inspire and encourage nail techs to be passionate about their work and to learn all they can about the latest trends in their line of work.
However, the very first paragraph slaps the unprofessional, DIY nail blogger in the face. What, exactly, is the point of insulting us? I just don't get it. It's as much, if not more, a slap in the face to the nail polish bloggers as it is an "inspirational" article for nail techs.
We're only in it for the freebies. Really? I don't know any polish blogger who started their blog to get hand outs. Not one. They started it because they had an interest, and they wanted to share it. There may be a few folks out there who went into blogging with the idea of getting freebies - but that kind of attitude generally doesn't go far, does it?
Companies want to work with us. Witness the reaction from ManGlaze in the comments of the "apology". I want to reiterate my statement from Twitter earlier - I give you a giant standing ovation and a big fat smooch on the cheek for standing up for us and believing in us, Marc.
So many companies do, you know. They get that we are a form of advertisement for their product - we post press releases, we purchase product and share our experiences with our readers, we photograph, edit, and post photos of their product. And mostly, it's just a labor of love. We do it because we're having a good time sharing the pretty polish.
I don't think any of us are trying to interfere with nail techs and the professional salons. We can coexist without all of the negativity Ms. Lee has exhibited - but it's rather appalling that they're insulted, that we're insulted by her article.
Fine, you're protective over your target audience. I don't know how we're a threat - is it because maybe, just maybe, we might know a little bit more than you're giving us credit for?
All I can say in conclusion, because this isn't nearly as cohesive as I'd like it to be, is that I'm beyond glad I'm not in that list of bloggers in their sidebar under "What We Read". If I were, I'd be demanding my link be taken down - I want nothing to do with Nails Magazine. I mean, obviously we non professionals are not welcome there, right?


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