Monday, October 17, 2011

China Glaze Crimson

I'm a little behind, you guys! I apologize - I've got to reply to all of your lovely comments over the past week, and I am squeaking this post in pretty late as well. I have polishes photographed, but not edited and I don't have any posts scheduled. I've been pretty sick with the flu over the last week, and am now on the road to recovery. The hubby managed to avoid it last week, but he's now coming down with it, if my deductions are right. So I'll be taking on his workload this week! I'll try to keep up though - but I just wanted to let you know what's been going on, since I've been backlogged about replying to comments and such, and if my posts aren't full on at the normal times. Thank you for your patience, and for always coming by!
Anyway, on to tonight's post - China Glaze Crimson. This is the twinner to yesterday's dark polish, Near Dark. Actually, it's deeper, to be honest! I'm still trying to figure out the name, because Crimson is actually a deep, vampy plum purple. I only used two coats for full coverage on this. Crimson is also part of this year's China Glaze Halloween offerings.
Okay, as with yesterday's post, I wanted to show you guys the base color, so I've taken a shot of my nails with just one coat on - yes, there's a boo-boo there. Oopsie. But you should be able to see the purple-red base pretty well at least.

Next shot in sunlight.

And, in low light. See, it's definitely darker than Near Dark, right?

SUPER shiny. I'm actually wearing this as a pedicure color because I have been craving a darker color on my toes lately, and I love this.


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