Friday, October 21, 2011

China Glaze It's Alive

Okay, this is probably everyone's favorite from this year's Halloween offerings - it certainly is mine! I LOVE this polish. I mean, China Glaze could come up with a funky green polish every year for Halloween and I'd probably never get sick of it!
You've probably all seen a ton of photos of this sexy glitter, but here are mine and my thoughts.
So, this is a ridiculously easy to apply glitter polish. It's not thick at all, it slides right on your nails. I used three coats to build it up to this opacity, which I quite like - I could have probably left it with two thicker coats, but I like the depth this gave me. This isn't as yellow-green (olive) based as Zombie Zest is. I have a photo here to show you the difference in the base color, my previous mani with Zombie Zest, with an accent nail of It's Alive. Also have included my macro, which shows the two different sized glitter. This is more grass green than Zombie Zest, if that makes sense.
Alright, time for the photos. I have a shot in the shade, as well as one in direct sunlight for you!

Here is the Zombie Zest mani with the It's Alive accent! See the big difference in the base shade?

See how jam packed with glitter that jelly is? Yum!!


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