Friday, October 14, 2011

China Glaze Spellbound Top Coat

Okay. I'm going to show you a polish that is VHTF (very hard to find)! China Glaze Spellbound top coat came out for Halloween of 2009, and it was L/E. I think those of us who managed to nab this are probably hoarding it!
Mind you, I've had to baby mine. I mean, it's ridiculous how much I've had to baby it - about a year after I bought it, I was checking out my stash and saw that this was completely dried up. I mean, it was down to about a quarter of a bottle, and when I went to open it and pull out the brush - bam. Dried up glitter. I went to work on it, and it took me forever. Lots and lots of polish thinner, along with some clear polish. Seemed to work, and then a couple months later I noticed it drying again, so back with the polish thinner. I've had to do this several times but now, it seems to be just fine. I've got a little gunked up glitter in the neck of the bottle, but had no troubles with this application.
So, this is a clear based glitter - small and large orange hex glitter and large silver hex glitter. It's fun to place over different colors, as it is billed as a top coat, but I once saw this over the top of a silver and that's how I like it best. You could use China Glaze Millenium, or another chrome, but this time I used a silver foil - China Glaze Cheers To You from last year's Christmas collection. Divine! I used two layers of Spellbound on top of Cheers To You.

Now, let's be honest - this was a pain to remove. I did soak it down for about ten minutes, but still - I ended up with little silver glitters everywhere. Was it worth it? Heck yeah, I LOVE this pairing. It's so awesome!
So that's the first of my Halloween features. Do you have Spellbound or are you desperately lemming it?


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