Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Focus On Black: BB Couture Vampy Varnish

Oh, does that name sound a little familiar? It should, because Vampy Varnish is the namesake polish from the Vampy Varnish collection by BB Couture - created with Kelly of Vampy Varnish in 2009! Pretty exciting, right? Well, I'm sure you've seen this elsewhere long before now. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to link you to Kelly's own swatches of her collection. As BB Couture has some great black-based polishes, I'm glad to be able to show you at least one of them for this Focus On.
This was SO hard for me to capture on camera! I had four different sessions with this set, and I finally got something usable. Every time I would go to photograph it, the camera would blur the glitter out badly, everything was out of focus.
As you can see though, I didn't give up - the fourth session was the lucky one and I was able to bring the glitter into focus a bit more. Note on the close up that it's not lumpy, it's just super shiny! Obviously, black jelly base - with two different shades of green glitter. It's a stunner! I used three coats for opacity on this one. It's a tiny bit gritty when dried, so I added a top coat for these swatches. It dried super fast, too - bonus! Also, I can tell you that BB Couture polish wears like iron on me. I've never had one chip yet, and I've been known to wear them for up to five days. That's some kind of record for me.

Do you have any of the Vampy Varnish collection yourself? Which are your favorites? I love all of them, and the names are utterly perfect too.


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