Sunday, October 9, 2011

Focus On Black: China Glaze Haunting

Okay, continuing on with this month's Focus On series - you didn't think I was done yet, did you? - tonight I've got one of the China Glaze Halloween 2011 polishes! I've done an admirable job waiting until October to feature all of my Halloween polishes, I think.
China Glaze makes probably my favorite Halloween collections. I swear they do.
So. Let's just say it, and get it over with. Haunting is exactly what I wanted Orly Goth to be. I've held on to Orly Goth for almost three years now, and every time I wear it I feel...meh. It looks so much better in the bottle than on the nails, no matter how much I shook the damned bottle. Haunted is much, much better!
It's a black jelly (are you tired of that yet? I hope not!) jam packed with square silver glitter that just floats in the jelly. It's perfect!
I'll quit my raving. Here ya go!

Yeah. Not much else to swoon over here!


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