Monday, October 10, 2011

Focus On Black: Milani Garnet Gems

We're still floating through this month's Focus On series! Milani Garnet Gems is basically a dead on dupe for China Glaze Lubu Heels. The only difference I can see is minute - Lubu Heels is just a bit more jelly. This just means I have to use more coats of Lubu Heels, but the glitter seems to float more in that than in Garnet Gems. If you're not picky about this, you don't need both.
So, as I've said, this is a bit more opaque than Lubu Heels - what you see here is two coats of Garnet Gems. It's still pretty jelly and you can nicely see the red glowing through the black base. I've got to tell you, this type of polish is what started my whole obsession in the first place. I think there's nothing sexier than black paired with a glowy red, and put it all in one polish? Heaven! Garnet Gems was easy to handle, also. No dripping or flooding my cuticles. *sigh of relief* Cleaning up after black polish is such a pain. Clicky click to enlarge!


Yup, sexy beast.

1 comment:

  1. loving your focus on black series! have to find this one for sure... love black & red together. thanks so much for doing these series!


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