Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Focus On Black: Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock

The last time I popped into Sally Beauty Supply, I had a look at the core line of Nina Ultra Pros, because I always feel like I need to nab more of these little beauties - they just don't get as much love as they should from me, and there's so many cool colors. Lo and behold, there was a new nugget of greatness hovering in the bottom row - it had one of those little circular papers around the neck that said so! And for sure, I've never seen it before. I immediately snatched it up.
Turns out, Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock is perfect for Focus On Black. It's a black jelly jam freaking packed with two sizes of silver glitter - small squares, and larger hexagons. Jeez. Your nails look positively encrusted with glitter, and it just screams rock and roll. I love this. If you like glitter and silver at all, you need it. Seriously. And it's in the core section! I used three coats, and I let each one dry a bit in between to prevent balding patches - you know, where you squish on another layer of glitter and it seems to make a bald spot on your nail? That happens when your first layer isn't dry enough and you're dealing with chunky glitter.
So. This is sexy, yes! I just adore everything about it. The black jelly base gives it the depth it needs.

As you can see, it's so shiny and sparkly it almost knocked my camera for a loop trying to get a good macro, but there you go. Click to enlarge the other two photos, seriously! Have you spied this in your Sally's yet?

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  1. Yes very sexy, I never check these out at sallys I'm too busy hovering over the china glaze, but next trip I'm getting this one, it's gorgeous.


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