Thursday, October 6, 2011

Focus On Black: NYX Girls Deep Space

Oh, this is a pretty polish! But NYX Girls Deep Space took me three sessions trying to get successful photos of the pretty little flakes. Okay, so this is a black based jelly with purple, gold, and pink small flakies. These are not like Nfu Oh flakies, they're like the size of flakies we saw in the Revlon scented jelly polishes this summer.
With application, I used three coats for this level of opacity. I waited a few minutes in between layers to prevent balding, just to be sure. Luckily, no black drips anywhere to be the bane of my existence!
All of these are taken in natural low light except for one, which is taken in bright sunlight to show you how this sparks and glows so beautifully.
For serious, click to enlarge these!!

Awesome, isn't it? Between this and Robotic, I'm totally in love with the NYX Girls black based polishes. I need more!


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