Monday, October 3, 2011

Focus On Black: Orly Iron Butterfly

Well. Welcome to October! I figured I'd start this month off right, and do my Focus On right away. What better time to whip out the black nail polish than October, right? Voting will be back open for next month's Focus On after this week is over.
Of course, I'm not going to show you just plain old black nail polish. Not that there's anything wrong with that - I wore a lot of Wet N Wild black polish back in the day, and I still use it as a base for other things. But I prefer to kick it up a notch now that I can, and there are lots of alternatives out there for you.
Almost two years ago(!!!), Orly brought us a trio of metallic matte polishes in a little collection called Metal Chic. Let me tell you, they were all three awesome and I utterly adore them. If you don't have them and you're remotely interested, you should get them! So from this Metal Chic collection, I'm showing you Orly Iron Butterfly.
As I mentioned, this is a metallic matte. It's a black base loaded with silver shimmer, so much so that it almost looks charcoal grey instead of black. This is one of the more easy to apply mattes - it's much more forgiving and levels out on its own. I used two coats here, just to cover anything I might have missed, and I thought I might have some ridges. Nope, it all leveled out on its own! Another bonus is that Orly's matte formula is less chiptastic than other mattes I've used. It's not as iron clad as, say, Man Glaze, but it has much better endurance than any other salon brand I've tried. I once wore Solid Gold for three days without chipping before getting bored with it and taking it off, and Iron Butterfly has the same kind of wear.
Also, these dry quickly - if you've ever worked with matte polishes, you'll already know this.
I know, a lot of talk, but one more thing. I have the worst luck ever when I'm applying black polish, and my hands were just not steady. Cleanup is always harder with black polishes, too. My apologies for this!

Check out the frosted bottle! Love it. So, do you have Iron Butterfly or either of the other Metal Chics? What do you think? What's your favorite black polish??


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