Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Focus On Black: Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia

Okay, I know everyone will be familiar with this polish! Recently Revlon came out with a collection called Expressionist, and it had a trio of glitters as well as a nude polish. I wasn't interested in the nude at all, but those glitters? You betcha!
So, if you guys are already familiar with this polish, you'll know it's the low end version of Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance. I think they are very close, the only real difference I can see is that the base of Facets of Fuchsia is more of a jelly than Bad Romance, which seems to be thicker and more on the creme end of the spectrum. I can see the lightening at the ends of my fingernails in my swatches of this! I actually prefer it this way, so an added bonus for me.
I used two coats here, but I did use thicker coats - if I had used thin coats I might have needed three to build it to this level of opacity. For this type of glitter polish, it was very well behaved - no need to try to "place" your hexagons with your brush! You'll see in my macro that there are two sizes of hexagon glitter in this.

I included a bottle shot as well. Haha, having a Wayne's World moment - every time I get a good bottle shot that I want to place in a post, I have this urge to put a flashing gif that says "GRATUITOUS BOTTLE SHOT!!" *cough* I'm not nuts, I swear.
Moving on. The other day I was talking about low end dupes of polish on twitter, so I thought I might carry it out here. I'm just going to go ahead and state my opinion on it. Revlon can keep making low end dupes or cousins of Chanel polishes, as far as I'm concerned. Heck, if they did this good with this, I'm not opposed to another Deborah Lippmann dupe either! Look, it's just saving me money. For that matter, I don't care that Sinful Colors is duping collections either, I'd rather pay $2 for something than $8.50 any day. I'm thrifty, what can I say?


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