Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches

Oh my goodness, it's finally October! I have a lot to show you this month and it should be quite fun.
Anyway, this is another fall shade - it's actually quite like the CQ I just showed you guys recently, Golden Green.  I do have a comparison shot to show you for this!
So, Mossy Britches - love the name! - has actually been out for a while, I think I first picked this up last year, and it's in regular stock at Sally's Beauty Supply. It's a olive green based shimmer absolutely loaded with gold. There are bubbles on my nails, but that is not from the formula - I was using up the last of my base coat, and it's sticky and gloopy, so please ignore the bubbles. I used two coats for this swatch. It's a perfect formula, really - between medium and thin, and I like the brushes and the bottles. Easy to work with! Application is nice and even.

Okay, so you can click to enlarge this if you want to see the minor differences I'm talking about. These are essentially dupes. The biggest difference is formula - the CQ is more prone for brushstrokes, so you have to baby it a bit. Also, the shimmer in the CQ seems to float suspended in the olive base, so the base color comes through a bit more and it seems to have a bit more of a glow. Other than that, they're virtually the same shade!

I can deal with babying a formula, so I think if I had to chose one it'd be the CQ. Either way, they're both beauties!

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  1. I just bought this at Sally's yesterday and I can't wait to wear it! It looks so gorgeous on you! Such a beautiful fall color!


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