Saturday, October 29, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends: ERIKA!

Erika runs Ice Queen's Nail Parlour. Let me just tell you, I love it when people let their personality shine through in their nail blogs - and Erika is so much fun to read! I tell you, she keeps me in stitches. If you've never come across her blog, you're in for a treat.
I absolutely LOVE this photo of her. I want her hair and her eyebrows! As if her pretty nails weren't enough.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging at Ice Queen's Nail Parlour for a year and three months. I can't believe I have had that blog going this long. Time flies when you are having fun. :D 

2. What inspired you to start blogging? How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I was reading and following a bunch of nail blogs from my other blog and posting my manicure photographs there. But things were getting to be too much for that blog. It was getting cluttered and chaotic and I don't like cluttered and chaotic so I decided to start a nail/polish/sometimes beauty blog. My blog name just came to me. I needed something that incorporated nails and my screen name. And Ice Queen's Nail Parlour was born. :D 

3. What is your favorite color? Is it your favorite polish color, as well?

Blue. I love other colours... Red. Pink. Purple... I am even beginning to appreciate green. But yeah... Blue has been my colour since I was a kid. Blue is also my favourite polish colour. I own more blue polishes than any single other colour. And. I. Keep. Buying. More! It's a sickness, I tell you. The manicure picture I chose to include is of Zoya Crystal. One of the single most beautiful polishes I own. And the only one that made me scream a little when I saw it in all of it's glory on my nails. :D

4. Is there a polish color you won't wear?

Brown. Or tan or cafe au lait. I don't care for brown polish, for the most part, tho I like the lighter tannish, milky coffee shades, (go figure... :P) but they give me lobster claws. Not flattering to me, at all, so I avoid them.

5. Do a lot of people offline notice your polish/nail art? What kinds of comments do you get?

Some do. Not a lot. But I do receive comments and compliments. I am always so surprised and delighted when someone comments or compliments me on my polish/nail art. I get the usual, "That is such a pretty colour! What colour is that?" kind of thing. If I am rocking nail art, my hand gets grabbed and I get questions about my nail art. I don't mind showing my nail art to someone who asks to see it, but don't grab me. Seriously, invading my personal space bubble could get you hurt. lol

6. What are some of your favorite blogs? (Doesn't necessarily have to be polish related!)

Nope. Not going to do that. Let's just say that all of the blogs on my blogroll are blogs that interest me. ;) And I am always on the hunt for new ones to further amuse and delight me. 

7. What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of polish and blogging?

What else is there? Hee. Hee. But really... I love to read, listen to music, watch movies. I am a huge TV junkie. We won't discuss my affinity for (obsession with?) reality TV. I like to knit, sometimes. I enjoy hiking out at the lake. I love to shop. Take tons of pictures with my old, busted down carthorse of a digital camera. I think I have my uncle's photographer gene... Just not the equipment or expertise. But it doesn't stop me from pointing and shooting all over the place! lol I am interested in interior design. I went to school, have a diploma and everything, but I have never done anything with my education. 

8. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Any tidbits you'd like to share!

Let's see.. I am a housewife. I have been married to my husband for almost twenty-four years. We have a grown son. (Yes, I am sorry to break it to you all. I am an old bat. 46. lol) I was born and raised in California. I live in Arizona, but I hate it here. Seriously. Hate. It. Here. But my husband has a steady job here. Nothing fabulous, but nothing to sneeze at or walk away from, in this economy. Also, my husband's elderly parents are here and they need him so leaving isn't an option, right now. I dream of the Pacific Northwest. All of that rain! I love storms, the more thunder, lightening, wind, rain... The better. But I hate snow. I think that I am the single most boring person in the world and I am always stunned beyond belief when I see a new follower on my blog or see my blog on someone else's blogroll. 

9. What is the one beauty item you cannot live without - you won't go out of the house without using or wearing it?

Carmex! My poor lips will dry up, chap, die and fall off without it. Seriously. Unless I am going out to exercise, I don't leave my house without makeup and doing my hair. Yes, I am one of those women. Even when I go out to exercise, my outfit has to be colour coordinated and my hair neatly brushed, braided or tied back in a perfect ponytail. And my headband and hair ties much coordinate with my outfit, as well. I don't leave my nails unpolished, ever. They are so delicate that if I let them go bare, they are destroyed in no time. Within hours. 

10. What is the craziest/most interesting thing you've ever done?

 I don't know if it was crazy or even all that interesting, but I once held someone at gunpoint. I was seventeen and we were living in a travel trailer and camper out on the Feather River. It wasn't exactly the safest of living situations... Some rough and ready types liked to inhabit those shores, looking for gold and looking for trouble. My parents were away for the day and I was in charge of all of my siblings. A responsibility I took very seriously. Growing up, we were all taught how to handle firearms and how to shoot. When we were taught to shoot, we were also taught that you never draw a weapon on someone unless you are prepared to fire it and take that person's life. That using a gun is a heavy responsibility and must never be taken lightly. We always had guns in the house and some of them were kept loaded at all times. When we were out at the river, a loaded 30.06 lived over the front door, in case of an emergency. 

One perfect Summer day, a strange man came up towards the Airstream in which we lived. I didn't know him. I stood in the doorway and told him to come no closer. He didn't listen to me. He kept coming. I reached up, grabbed the .06, quickly checked to be sure a round was chambered, slipped the safety off and leveled it at the approaching man, centering the cross hairs of the scope on his chest. I again told him to stop. To come no closer. He must have come to the right understanding that I was dead serious, because I wasn't shaking. My voice was hard and cold. The rifle was absolutely steady and trained squarely on his chest. My finger was hovering over the trigger and I was prepared to pull it if he came even one step closer. There was no way anyone was going to come up to our living quarters and harm my siblings or myself. The man raised his arms, said "Okay, I am leaving, now" and backed away for a few steps, then turned and trotted off. 

Zoya Crystal on her pretty nails. I hope you enjoyed reading Erika's answers, I sure loved them! I was fascinated by that last answer particularly - that guy should have just stopped right where he was, right? O_o I sure would have.


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