Saturday, October 8, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends: GINGER!

Oh, Ginger is my nail polish twinner. We love the same polishes - all the time! Maybe with the exception of yellow, because I adore it and she does not, and gold, which she loves and I cannot stand on me. Other than that, time and time again, we've found our tastes to be ridiculously similar. She's fascinated by Russia, and so am I. She reads voraciously. *swoon* And she's got the best sense of humor, ever! If you've never read her blog, Pinkginger's A Thing Of Beauty, you're not only missing out on her stunning nails, but her fantastic writing style.
Did I mention she's adorable? Look at this picture of her as a child:

So freaking cute. Check it out - the mirror is PINK. And she's camping, and peeping at herself to make sure she's still adorable. (At least, that's my theory, because she is!) Anyway. Enough swooning, time to read a little bit about my sister from another mister.

1. How long have you been blogging?

 I have been blogging for 2 years as of July 15th.

2. What inspired you to start blogging? How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I originally started blogging to practice my writing. My very first posts were mostly text and I didn't start adding (awful) photos of my nails until later on. I had no idea about nail blogs until I happened upon Polish Addict's website. I've been hooked ever since.  I originally wanted to entitle my blog 'A Thing Of Beauty' but both the blog title and the domain name were already taken. I randomly chose Pinkginger's A Thing of Beauty because my favourite colour is pink and my nickname is Ginger. Simple but it works :)

3. What is your favorite color? Is it your favorite polish color, as well?

My favourite colour ever is pink. I have a lot of favourite nail polish colours, but the ones I gravitate towards the most are red,purple and blue.

4. Is there a polish color you won't wear?

I have an irrational hatred of the colour yellow. I don't wear sheers if I can help it, and white nail polish is too garish for my skintone.

5. Do a lot of people offline notice your polish/nail art? What kinds of comments do you get?

People always notice my nails! I usually get the standard, "I like your nail polish" from women, but I work mostly with men, and they always notice and make comments about the colour. One even went so far as to say, "I don't like the boring shades on you. Bright looks much better." It's sweet.

6. What are some of your favorite blogs? (Doesn't necessarily have to be polish related!)

I love too many polish-related blogs to name them all. My favourite non-polish blogs are Passive Aggressive Notes, The Daily Beast, The Sassy Curmudgeon, Jennsylvania (and everything else Jen Lancaster writes), and Feministing.

7. What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of polish and blogging?

I love to read, I'm a little obsessed with writing, and I love to exercise (jogging with my MP3 player is my primary activity) and I paint when I'm in the mood.

8. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Any tidbits you'd like to share!

I'm an introvert so I'm horrible at making small talk. I've been accused of being acerbically witty (emphasis on acerbic), I always refer to fellow bloggers as friends (especially the ones I talk to often), and I am a huge hockey fan. I've been anxiously awaiting the start of the hockey season since it ended in June.

9. What is the one beauty item you cannot live without - you won't go out of the house without using or wearing it?

I love nail polish dearly, but I cannot leave the house without lipstick/balm/gloss. It is always in my purse,in my desk at work, on my nightstand, in my bathroom---all over the place.

10. What is the craziest/most interesting thing you've ever done?

Well, my life is pretty boring, but the craziest thing I've done to date is tell off a customer. I was a relief cashier at the time, and one entitled jerk of a man was complaining about how poor the customer service was during the lunch hour. He told me that he was a valuable customer and if we didn't "get our act together" he'd take his business elsewhere. I responded by telling him that we live in a democratic society so he was free to do whatever he desired--within reasonAlso there were more pressing issues for us to consider rather than focusing on the opinions of one pretentious, spoiled, blowhard. I received a verbal reprimand for that, but it was worth it :)

Okay, that's a stunner right there. This is SpaRitual Imaginarium. That's my kind of pink, bright searing color! 
Ginger's one of the most interesting women I know. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know a little more about her!


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