Monday, November 7, 2011

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

This is my very first Cult Nails polish, ever, and it's doubly special to me because it was a gift from another blogger, Halifax of Sparkled Beauty! I'm so excited, I don't think there could be a more perfect choice for my first Cult Nails polish. I'm sure you all have seen many, many swatches of this already, but I'm going to show off my bottle as well. If you hadn't heard, Unicorn Puke was sold as a limited edition, Maria set out 200 bottles with gold lettering on the bottle, and each bottle was numbered. I got number 144! It will be sold as part of her winter collection under the name of Clairvoyant, so if you didn't get the L/E version, you can nab it as Clairvoyant when the winter collection releases. It's the same exact polish.
So, Unicorn Puke is a mass of flakies with a purple jelly base. You could wear it on its own, but it's so much fun to layer a flakie polish over another polish and see the results. I have seen it done over purple and black, but I was curious how it would look over a blue, so I used Revlon Royal, my favorite bright blue jelly. I love the results! This is just one coat over Revlon Royal. It's a rainbow of flakies!
I have taken a massive amount of photos of this, to hopefully show it off from every angle. I even got a decent macro. I decided to apply it to my thumb over Milani Rad Purple, just to see it over a jelly purple, so I have a photo of that as well. I actually think I like it better over blue!

Wow. Look at all of those awesome flakies! Now, here's the shot of my thumb with Rad Purple as a base:

Yum. Maria, this is the most amazing flakie I've ever seen, and I'm a flakie fanatic! So completely gorgeous. With the bottle shot, bear in mind that no matter how many photos I took, the base keeps looking blue - it IS a purple jelly base.


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