Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Duri Cosmetics Dragontini, Fallen Angel

Tonight I have the other two polishes I was sent from Duri Cosmetics' The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collection, Dragontini and Fallen Angel. Apparently there were two more polishes from this collection, Icicle and Frozen Fire, that are good layering polishes, but since I don't have those, I decided to use a couple more polishes I picked up recently to layer with these.
Dragontini is a very red purple creme, and as with the other polishes in this collection, had great opacity and needed only two coats. I love reddish purples so this one is a win for me - I don't have one quite this shade in my collection, so I'm glad to have this as an addition. Just a bonus that the opacity is perfect, too.
I layered one of the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes over this, Diamonds. This is so, so pretty! In the bottle it looks silvery white and ethereal. Layered over Dragontini, it glows a blue-silver in most light, but I see sparks of other colors as well that I just didn't capture on camera. There are larger specks of shimmer in this that resemble glass fleck.

So, Diamonds is such a pretty layering polish! I really like the multi-sized shimmer/flecks.
The second polish I have to show you tonight is Fallen Angel. This is a vampy wine purple with a hidden shimmer. It looks pretty dark in lower lights, but you can really see the base wine in the sun. Again, two coats. The shimmer in this really sparks up in the sunlight, you catch bits of it in lower light. I have photos of both and the macro is in lower light.
I picked up a second Sally Hansen Diamond Strength called Glass Slipper, and I simply adore this one - again, white and ethereal in the bottle but these are larger, silvery flakies on the nail. This is SO freaking cool!

I would especially encourage you to click to enlarge the Fallen Angel photos, particularly the sun one where you can see the shimmer really spark in the larger images.
So, I'm really impressed with these! I like all four polishes I received for review. What did you guys think??

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in this post were sent to me in return for an honest review.


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