Friday, November 11, 2011

Focus On Purple: China Glaze Stella

Hey, it's 11/11/11! Haha, I'm sure that's been noted long before my evening post, but anyway.
So, China Glaze Stella came out with the Retro Diva collection the fall I started blogging about nail polish. I bought it, and it sat in a drawer unused - which, because of the massive amount of untrieds I had, happened to a lot of polish. I kind of like doing these Focus On weeks, because it helps me get through untrieds, as well as showing off neglected and gorgeous polishes!
Stella is a stunner, and shouldn't have ever been neglected. Seriously, this is one gorgeous, gorgeous polish. It's a violet purple shimmer, in other words, very red toned. It's the perfect sister to Let's Groove, they have the same shimmer but Let's Groove is more of a true purple.
This applied beautifully, and I only needed two coats for opacity.

I know the macro's blurry, but I really wanted to show you guys the twinkling shimmer in the sunlight. Isn't it gorgeous?


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