Saturday, November 12, 2011

Focus On Purple: Orly Royal Velvet

Orly Royal Velvet is another lurker in my untrieds. I had posted most everything I had picked up from Orly's spring release, but never got around to posting Royal Velvet. Really, does it no good to be hiding away when it's as gorgeous as this.
Royal Velvet is a deep plummy purple with a strong blue shimmer. The shimmer just floats in the polish, which made capturing the base of this pretty tricky! Hence the strange angles of these photos - you can see the blue at the tip in the weird angle photos, and the purple at the base of my nails. It covered perfectly, another two coater.
The first photo is front on, in direct sunlight. You can kind of see the base, with the blue shimmer just floating on it, making it almost look blue from this angle.

The last three at odder angles, to show the purple base. I adore this, and got a lot of compliments wearing it.


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