Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Layering: Sinful Colors Last Chance and Agaci

I recently got Sinful Colors Agaci in a package from a wonderful reader - thanks Kim!! - and I just knew it would be a great layering polish. I thought at first I might try it over black, but I kept looking at it and so I decided to try it over a green jelly. Enter Sinful Colors Last Chance. It's a nice deep forest green jelly - not so dark you can't tell it's green, for those of you that might worry about that! I got good coverage in three coats but I can still see the telltale squishy light tips, which is always an obvious sign of a jelly finish to me. SO shiny and the perfect dark green.
After that, I added two layers of Agaci. Now, this is just a stunning combination in person, but although it looks pretty in my photos, I don't think they do it justice. I'm going to have to play some more with Agaci to see what other colors it would look good layered over! Agaci has a smoky, clear base and is loaded with tiny pieces of glitter that are multi-chromatic. I see sparks of gold, green, aqua, blue and sometimes pink. It totally depends which way the light hits it, you see such a rainbow!

I wonder what this might look like over blue, or red even? This was really a Christmassy looking layering when I got done with it, so green was definitely a winner.


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