Tuesday, November 1, 2011

L'Oreal Owl's Night

Ahh, the elusive Owl's Night. It's much sought after, but sadly, when it did finally show up in my area, it was sold out immediately. Literally I had been stalking the drugstores for this, and going almost every day - but when I did finally find the Project Runway L'Oreal displays, there was every color of nail polish BUT Owl's Night.
Luckily, I have fantastic readers. One of them, Kim, offered to send me her second bottle! Thank you Kim, you're a sweetie. And, I love this. Of course I do!
This is an unusual polish. In the bottle, you can kind of see the deep plum base peeking through all of that greenish gold shimmer - but on the nail, the shimmer is so strongly represented the base looks olive. However, when I was taking the polish off, I could see the base color on my cotton ball - I've even got a picture of that, if you're interested! Hah. Hopefully between that and the bottle shot, you'll get an idea of it.
This. Is. Gorgeous. I used two coats for this manicure, and I adore it. I haven't used a L'Oreal polish in...quite a while, I think. I don't usually actively hunt for them, they're not really on my radar. But I love the square bottles, and although the brush is a bit shorter than I'm used to, I didn't have any trouble working with it.

You can click to enlarge any of these. Look at all that gorgeous shimmer in the macro, though! Mmm. Can you see that deep plum on the cotton ball? So, who managed to snag this and who is still hunting for Owl's Night??


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