Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love And Beauty Olive

I recently got an awesome care package from Sheila, who is not only one of my readers, but she runs a great blog called Pointless Cafe with really interesting posts, and great swatches. She sent me my very first Love & Beauty polish, called Olive. I've heard they're not very imaginative with their names, which is kind of sad because this polish deserves something really awesome - it's GORGEOUS. Seriously.
Well, you guys know how much I love olive shades anyway. This is a deep olive jam packed with gold shimmer. I cannot rave enough about it! If you can pick this up and you like these kinds of greens too, do it. I used two coats for this swatch. The bottle and brush reminds me of L.A. Girl.
So, enough raving, let's have a look, right? I got a pretty good macro so I've included that and a bottle shot.

Yup. I just can't get enough of these shades, I really can't. I love this so much! Thanks Sheila.


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