Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybelline Cool Couture

Wow. I had so much going on that this has sat in my untrieds for what, almost two months? What a shame - this is a seriously gorgeous shade!
After the disaster with formulas and brushes with the spring/summer releases from Maybelline, I seriously considered not buying any more of the Express Line polishes. They come out with some really awesome colors, but I was severely disappointed with the formula. I caved though, when I saw the fall release. I needed two of the shades, so I went on the hunt. I finally found them in a Rite Aid, and then they went into my untrieds bin while I waded through October's Halloween shades and now, here we are!
Cool Couture is a deep grey, tinged with blue. It's shot through with turquoise shimmer that really lights up in the sun - it actually looks like it sparks both turquoise and emerald in my sun shots. The shimmer is subdued in low light, but I can still see it. I tried to get a good bottle shot, but I think the sun shot and the macro tell the tale the best with this polish.
I am happy to report that the formula on this was seriously perfect. I used two thin coats, and the brush was fine.
Loads of photos, in my attempt to show this off from all possible angles!

So, you know I'm going to repeat myself and say you can click to enlarge these. I also have the purple to show off, hopefully in the next week.


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