Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orly Rage

Orly Rage came out with the Foil FX collection. These were supposed to be Minx-like polishes, but they're pretty obviously foils, so when you look at them, although they're awesomely sparkly and shiny and reflective, they're pretty obviously particles and not sheet-like at all, like a Minx would be.
Ignoring that, these polishes are indeed awesome and shiny. Rage is the rose gold of the collection, and I hope I captured the true color of this in my photos - Luxe, the true gold, is very obviously cooler and a lot more yellow, so maybe you can see how different that is from these photos of Rage.
You have to be a bit finicky with application, not as much as you would if these were chrome polishes, but still - you want your nail beds pretty smooth. I have no idea what happened, but there's a little bump of something, probably cotton, on my middle nail. *lol* So, case in point. These dry quickly and I had no brush stroke problems. What's cool about Rage is that there is silver flecks mixed in with the rose gold flecks, as you can see in my macro.

I would say that Rage, of all of these, was the most popular and well sought polish. Rose gold foils are pretty unusual, no?  I recently found this at Sally's in a display near the registers, when they put out all of their holiday polish displays.

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  1. I just took this off and boy was I stunned. I used it as a v-shaped French over a nubar blue holographic polish. It looked lovely, but looked coppery to me. The nubar came right off, but I was stunned to see rage stayed and stayed... Still, I'd use it again, it was that pretty.


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