Friday, November 18, 2011

Rimmel Lava Red

This polish comes to me via the always amazing Rie of Nails and Noms. (Seriously, if you aren't following her, WHY?) Apparently Rimmel has decided to discontinue several polishes from their newest line of polishes, the Lasting Finish Pro line - for instance, I think Marine Blue was one that got the ax? Anyway, I nabbed a bunch of the ones I saw on clearance, but I'd never had Lava Red, and I couldn't find it in my area, so Rie picked up a bottle for me. We share a love of blackened, glowy reds.
Seriously, I'm not overly fond of red. I like it better than pink, but I have never been able to resist a good glowy vampy red. Lava Red certainly fits that bill, have a look at the photos. I'm swooning over it! SO sexy.
I wish they hadn't switched brushes when they made the new line, they remind me a bit of the SH Insta-Dri ones I despise, but they're a little easier to use. They are stumpy and oddly shaped, but I find them a bit easier to control. The pigmentation on this was great though - only two coats here.
I took this out in sunlight so you could see it in all its glory. However, please note the last shot, which is a bottle shot - you can see the blackened edges, and the glowy middle. It looks like this most of the time. In very low light it can look pretty darned dark.

Thank you Rie, for sharing the love! I do adore this, it's so perfect.
Edited to add: Thanks to reader Kim, she has said that Confetti Masquerade Ball is a dead on dupe! So if you can't find this, look for the Confetti.


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