Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bronze Ablaze

This is a polish that was released in a set of metallics for fall, and I picked it up in a clearance bin at a Rite Aid. Confession: I hated this on me. It looks a lot better in photos than I thought it looked on me in person.
I usually adore metallic shades, and I thought I would like this, but I just didn't. It doesn't help that I've always had application issues with the Insta-Dri brush, either. It's just an awkwardly shaped mop, for me.
To be fair, I usually love Sally Hansen polishes and bottles/brushes. It's just the Insta-Dri line I don't care for.
Anyway, this is two coats of Bronze Ablaze. I'm amazed at how much better it looks in photos - it really falls flat in person.
Anyway, here are the photos.

Well, I apologize for the less-than-enthusiastic attitude with this post - but I'm just not enamored.  Total pass for me.

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  1. yeah... ok... I get the *meh* part. never have been able to get along with the Insta-Dry line either, which had made me shy away from all *fast drying* polish. maybe if you layered a nice glitter over it? ;)


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