Friday, December 16, 2011

Birthday Sammich!

Helloooo everyone! So tonight I officially turn 40. I was in serious debate over what to use for my full on birthday manicure, when my girlfriends Jeanette and Diana suggested a glitter sandwich of epic proportions - seriously, this one came out so stunning!
Okay, so I started out with Confetti Happy Birthday, which is a gorgeous glass fleck purple jelly. I added Confetti Tazmanian Devil on top - this is my favorite of the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday dupes, I love the fine silver glitter in it. I did two coats of this - I've included a picture of what it looks like at this point also. Then I topped the sandwich again with Happy Birthday, and added a layer of a polish that I got from Jeanette - the amazing BeYu 209, Brilliant Shiraz, on top of everything else. Lotsa layers, but boy is this stunning. Happy Birthday is a midtoned, blue leaning purple, so when you put Brilliant Shiraz over it it turns into a reddish purple. Brilliant Shiraz is a multichrome, take a look at the bottle in my shots!
I got photo happy and couldn't figure out how to cut any of these out. Make sure you click to enlarge these, so much better at full size!
This first shot is just two layers of Happy Birthday and two layers of Tazmanian Devil.

Here is the next step, another layer of Happy Birthday.

And then topping everything off with BeYu 209. Check out that bottle!

A bright sunlight shot.

Oh my gosh, is that an amazing combination or what? I will be experimenting with layering 209 some more, I want to try it over a green jelly and some other goodies. Hopefully I can get the green to come out and play more than I did here!
I'm off to eat country fried steak and blackberry cheesecake - my hubby and my mom are making my birthday dinner! Have a great night y'all.


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