Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects Collection

Good afternoon everyone! This is a break in my regular posting schedule because today...I HAVE FLAKIES TO SHOW YOU! Also. This is a very, very picture heavy post.
I called up every Sally's Beauty Supply in the area, on the hunt for the Finger Paints Special Effects collection. I'm a bit of a fiend for flakies - they're probably my favorite finish, because they can make every boring creme polish lots of fun. So, I found a manager who didn't mind setting aside two sets of these, since my mom wanted one also! Shout out to Nikki of Sally's Beauty Supply for your help.
There are five flakie polishes in the Special Effects collection - Asylum, Flashy, Flecked, Motley and Twisted. They might all look very similar in the bottle, but they're quite different on.
I decided, rather than to do individual swatches, I'd do flakie skittles.  So from pinkie fingernail to thumbnail I have Asylum, Flashy, Flecked, Motley, and Twisted. I used a base of Savvy (by Femme Couture) Garland, from last year's holiday collection - it's a shimmery deep, dark vampy emerald green.

It looks pretty dark in low lights, but it's nice and glowy in the sunlight. So, I thought this would be a nice, festive base for the flakies.
First off, there's a bottle shot of all five bottles. I've labeled them.

I tried to do bottle shots, but it was impossible to get my four fingers and my thumb with the bottle in the picture, so I have a few varied shots with the bottle. Again, pinkie is Asylum, ring is Flashy, middle is Flecked,  index is Motley, and thumb is Twisted.

I gave up the bottle shots, and have decided the best thing to do with this is the claw.

Hopefully you can see the color changing going on here! What's interesting to me is that Motley is primarily blue, but shifts from aqua to blue to almost a violet. Flecked is mostly an emerald but shifts from aqua to emerald to blue. Flashy is basically a Hidden Treasure/2010 dupe, which goes from orange to yellow to green. The two others, Asylum and Twisted, are multicolored flakies that are NOT identical, but have a really good amount of color shifting!
Just a quick word, if you're unfamiliar with flakies. These are best layered, I guess you could wear them alone but I don't think you'd ever see the effects, and they'd be pretty sheer! The magic comes out over darker colors. You can also use a matte top coat for a really neat effect. The more you shift your hand, the more you'll see the color shift.
So, I hope you enjoyed this post - are you on the hunt for these? Don't forget to click to enlarge any of the photos!


  1. Why do you keep doing this to me!
    I have Color Club covered in diamonds because of you and now these! These are awesome sauce!!!! I want! All!
    Great post! :)

  2. Oooooooh flanks heaven. I live twisted it soliloquy colorfil. Must go to sally

  3. NOT FAIR! my Sally's doesn't have these yet. I think that we get everything last. am with Marta here, you've made me love flakies too much! thanks for the swatches Nicole, especially in skittles format, so we can compare each to the other, side by side.


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