Thursday, December 8, 2011

Focus On Holographic: Glitter Gal Red 3D

Okay, everyone stoked? I think this is one of my most requested Focus On weeks, and what more perfect month than December to do a Focus On Holo, right? The blingier the better for this month.
Up first is a lovely holographic nail polish from the Glitter Gal family, Red 3D. Kim of Overall Beauty popped this one in my latest package to see what I would think of it - and big surprise, I adore it! I'm sure you guys all know who Kim is, she sells BB Couture nail polish on Overall Beauty - well now, she's not only selling that, but Glitter Gal, Cult Nails, and Ozotic Pro! To top it off, she ships internationally.
Anyway, on to my review of this polish. Red 3D is a linear holographic, and it looks like a rainbow on my nails! It was hard to capture all the colors flashing in the rainbow, but I did give it a good try. I had some nice sun for holo week, so I did my best here. Red 3D is like a raspberry toned red, so it's a tiny bit pink. You rarely see a strong red holo, so this was a nice surprise! I ended up using three coats here for coverage, but had absolutely NO trouble with formula. There was no balding or pulling at all - one of the best holo formulas I've ever used. Later on in the week I'll be showing you both a Nfu Oh holo and the spectacular Gosh Holographic, and both of those have a formula that requires a lot of babying - Glitter Gal does NOT! You don't need any special basecoat, or anything with these. Enough yapping, let's look at the pretty pictures.

Wow, is that hot or what? I encourage you to click to enlarge and get a better look at that rainbow. *hands around drool towels* What a good start to the Focus On Holo series, eh?

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were sent to me in return for an honest review.


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