Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Focus On Holographic: Gosh Holographic

Ahhh the pinnacle of my holographic week, the much loved Gosh Holographic. This was actually sent to me from Maria of quite a while back - and boy am I glad I kept my hands on this bad boy. I cannot believe the Bay of Evil folks are selling this for around $50 a pop! *gulps*
Man, this is such a stunner though. It is easily the most holographic polish I own, and if you wear this, they should give out warning labels - you have to make sure when you're driving to watch the road and not stare at your pretty nails!
This is a bit fussy, but not as bad as the Nfu Oh holos are. I had some balding, but I did a bit of the "glooping" trick I mentioned in my post about Nfu Oh 065 and it smoothed all my bald spots out and settled down nicely. This had thickened since I first tried it out a couple of years ago, so I added a bit of thinner the day before I swatched it. I used three coats for coverage.

LOOK at that! Guh. If it's amazing in my photos, it's easily ten times as amazing in person. Did you manage to nab this before it was discontinued or are you still on the hunt for it?
I was going to put up voting for next month's Focus On topic, but you know what? It's a new year, so I think I will do a "best of" in the opinion of me, of course for 2011. I think this will actually be the first time I do one of these posts! I sure hope you guys enjoyed my Focus On Holographic series.
Next up will be some birthday week manis!


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