Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Focus On Holographic: Milani Hi-Res

Only two days left of Focus On Holographic! It's been a good week but there were a lot more polishes I could feature. So, Milani Hi-Res is a polish you should be able to find in almost any drugstore these days - it's a beautiful lilac purple scattered holographic. This is a pretty strong holo; I think it's more strong than the DS I featured, Reflection! Application was great, it needed three coats since it's a bit jelly, but no balding at all and I really like the Milani brushes.

I know that first picture is a bit out of focus but I think it shows the holo a bit better than the other two photos do - they're not bad, but that first photo is more of the rainbow! I actually really like this line of holos, I also have the silver but my favorite is the green. I like that this purple is not as icy and pale as some holo purples are.


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