Monday, December 12, 2011

Focus On Holographic: Nfu Oh 065

Oh man. This is probably the second strongest linear holographic polish in my collection. I'd heard that these babies were amazing, but I'd never tried out one of the Nfu Oh holos before - I am not disappoint, son.
Haha, I'm such a weirdo. Anyway, everything you've ever heard about Nfu Oh holos and application issues is true. I had massive balding with this. I fought and struggled with it like nobody's business! I don't have the much touted aqua base coat - why yes, I refuse to drop that much on a base coat that I'd only need with these and my precious Gosh! - so I just used my regular base coat. I remembered a trick my friend Sara, from Daily Polish, told me though. She said if you just kind of glob it on, it will help cover the bald patches and it will eventually settle into a smooth finish on its own. Umm, I don't know about you fanatics, but that seems to go against everything I do when polishing my nails - but guess what, it works! I tried to be super careful on my first two coats, but no luck. I went slow. I had plenty of polish on my brush. Not. Working. So on my last coat, I globbed it on, and success! I only had a few tiny patches that weren't kosher.
Okay, so other than having to really baby this bad boy, it's STUNNING. Seriously. If your formula is a bit thick, try adding some thinner - mine was almost too thick to use. This is a perfect baby blue and when you get it into the sun, it explodes into amazing. Let's look at the end result.

Well, I'd say the struggle was worth it. What do you think? Remember, this is even more amazing in person!


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